Little Bee -500 gm

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  • It is used to prevent and treat cold, just a spoonful of pure honey can do the magic.
  • It can be used as the best alternative to the sugar.
  • It is the best source of energy.
  • You will get beautiful looking skin in no days.
  • It is also helpful to heal the wounds and acts one of the best antiseptics.
  • For the people with a breathing problem, honey can be very useful.


Organic Honey is regulated by strict set of guidelines, which covers not only the origin of bees, but also the setting of the apiaries. The standard indicates that the apiaries must be on land that is certified as organic and be such that within a radius of 4 miles from the apiaries site, nectar and pollen sources consist essentially of organic crops or uncultivated areas

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Weight 500 kg


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